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Take more photos!

Love is always fun to document. The best part of it is that the simple photo with a great moment captured would mean the world to someone. I like this simplicity. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and creating the right moment. A little planning, communication, and creativity is my key to beautiful couples photography. This is what makes us one of the best photographers in Houston.

My advice, take more photos together. It will show your partner that they are important to you.

I think that any couple, that takes the time to make keepsakes for memories is holding their relationship at the top of the priority list. I also believe that this couple has what it takes, to endure and enjoy life’s hardships and celebrations.

In Houston, there are a ton of locations for couples photography. I will choose the best one for you after the consultation. I do my best to make things easy, I do all the work.

This type of photography is great for anniversaries, engagements, christmas cards, holiday cards, and more.


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Sometimes things can get stale between couples, or you just want to let the other person know that you are thinking of them. A couples photography session with me would be a great gift.

I like to make things personalized for everyone. Are you a couple that likes to fish? Let’s go on a fishing trip together and I’ll capture the moments along the way. Or are yall the cuddle up types and we can take photos at your home, while drinking coffee!

I have a million ideas and the more information you tell me, the better the ideas are! These creative challenges are what I enjoy the most.



Small Wedding Specialist

As a photographer, most of us in the industry want to photograph the big weddings, but not me. I only take on small weddings in the Houston, Tx area. From small wedding venues to courthouse weddings, this is what I specialize in. This is a decision that I made because these weddings are for the everyday people who enjoy a more personal event. I am also one of those people that would want a small wedding. As a small wedding couple, you get the benefit of having an experienced wedding photographer at your event.

Trust me, I understand you are budget restricted but I implore you to think about the future. The photographs will last a lifetime. Make the decision to use an experienced small wedding specialist photographer. It’s worth it.

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