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Keeping it candid & fun with family PHOTOGRAPHY

The main goal of any family photography session is to take nice photos, but I believe there is more to it than just good images. On your last photo session with another photographer, did you have fun and were you relaxed? Or were you miserable and counted the seconds until it was over? This is where Cernosek Photography is different. I strive to make the session as fun and relaxing as possible.

During the consultation I will figure out what you like and find a location that will fit your style. I have locations in Houston. Sugar Land, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, and more. I have even found custom locations just for one client.

I will put my heart & soul into you and your family.

Rambunctious kiddos is my speciality. I believe in supporting who they are rather than force them to do something they do not like. Most of the time, I have them go play with their parents or siblings. While you are playing, I am taking photos and keeping the atmosphere light. For the kids, it’s more like we are playing, rather than taking photos. For the parents, its like we are just taking a leisurely walk through a park. I know too many parents who stress themselves out over a photo session and those stresses usually migrate into the photos.

I promise that you will have a great time. It will feel like you're spending time with an old friend.


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What to expect during your family PHOTOGRAPHY session

We will have a brief consultation covering all aspects of the photography session from: what to wear, to the theme of the session, and what location that you would be interested in. I have multiple locations that I use often in Houston, Sugar Land, and Missouri City.

On the day of photos, I will meet at the photo location early and be ready for you when you arrive. Once you arrive, I do my best to introduce myself to your kids so that they can begin to get comfortable with me. Usually by the end of the session, I have the kids telling me stories and talking to me like they have known me for years. Some say that I have a natural gift with kids and building trust. I think this may come from my many years of being a Firefighter & Paramedic. Establishing trust is important because I get to see your kids real personality and this creates candid images.

Some of you have kids who have tons of energy (you know who you are) and we both know they can be difficult to photograph. What I do is embrace their energy, have patience, and use that energy my advantage.

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