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It all started with aircraft photography. I began venturing to my local airports, plane watching, and taking photos with the camera I borrowed from my mom. I found I wasn't half bad at this photography thing so I continued to learn more. Eventually, I was taking photos for family and friends, then it transitioned into a business.

I was lucky enough to find photography, it’s my escape from the world. I have had some serious struggles and taking photos puts my mind at ease. Some people eat junk food or drink, I take photos. I think it’s a bit healthier than the previous options.

My original profession prior to photography began in 2009, I joined the 9-1-1 force on the big red truck. Ever since then I have been a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Random Facts: I drive a truck, I wear cowboy boots, and I listen to rap music.

Back to the photography! There is just something about taking photos for others that is pure and genuine. I want to be the photographer that helps you remember some of the best times in your life.

I would be honored to be your photographer.

Have a great day!